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Another Vox Pop Doc


I was asked to do an entree act for a roadshow competition very last minute and I didn't know what to do. There was a tube strike in London on that particular day and I had to catch multiple buses home. While enroute I had an idea. It was near Christmas so I figured why don't I stop someone and see if they would mind me videoing them talking to me about it. All I had was my mobile phone so I didn't fancy my chances but sure enough they stopped and spoke to me. The conversation naturally found it's way to the topic of miracles and I spent the rest of the night talking to people that I met on the way home with little to no resistance. I really enjoyed the experience and knew I could be onto something so I edited it, did some graphics for it and branded it up. This inadvertedly became the first episode of Another Vox Pop Doc!

Software used: Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro // Camera used: Flip Camera and Mobile Phone.